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Portal Fabric

What Does Portal Fabric Mean?

The phrase “portal fabric” refers to the practice of adapting a Web portal to the user’s preferred environment. Webmasters can use different tools and methods to implement this kind of accommodation, including forms of identity and access management, the intake of data about a particular user’s customized preferences, and changing displays or interfaces based on this information.


Techopedia Explains Portal Fabric

The “fabric” part of the phrase may refer to the display or visual environment, or, in some cases, to the functional environment of a service. If the “portal” is the service delivery, the “fabric” is the dressing that it is wrapped in. Although this phrase remains fairly obscure in IT, the ideas that go along with it are fairly widely practiced as webmasters explore the social opportunity of portals, the adaptability of enterprise portals and the innovations needed to improve service. For example, the techniques webmasters use to match the experience of an outside visitor in a social media platform to his/her experience in a proprietary enterprise portal may be considered as an implementation of portal fabric.


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