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RAID 0 Recovery

What Does RAID 0 Recovery Mean?

RAID 0 Recovery is the process of recovering and restoring data and reconstructing drives / array in a RAID 0 infrastructure / environment.


It is the collective automated and manual measures that ensure that a RAID 0 type recovers to its normal / previous working operations and/or data.

Techopedia Explains RAID 0 Recovery

Typically, it is very difficult to recover data in a RAID 0 environment as it doesn’t provide any data redundancy by default.

RAID 0 recovery generally requires the reconstruction of identical drive maps and array configurations. This requires information about the data order, start offset and block sizes.

Data order is evaluated using software based scanning of the disks or analyzing a large file stored on the array. The file fragments helps in determining the block size, which can be in sectors or kilobytes of data, and eventually leading to recovering drive data / contents.


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