RAID 1 Recovery

What Does RAID 1 Recovery Mean?

RAID 1 recovery is the process of recovering and restoring data as well as reconstructing the array in a RAID 1 infrastructure.


It is the collective automated and manual measures that ensure that a RAID 1 array is returned to its normal working condition and recovers all data.

Techopedia Explains RAID 1 Recovery

RAID 1 recovery generally recovers data from failed or corrupted RAID 1-based arrays. Typically, in such a scenario, RAID 1 recovery requires creating a block-level copy or image of each sector on each hard drive within the array. These images are used for restoring data on the array when required. In the case of recovering data from a formatted hard drive, if it has gone through a high-level format, data can be recovered, but not in the case of a low-level format.


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