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What Does RAID 6 Mean?

RAID 6 is a type of RAID level that utilizes block-level striping and distributes two parity blocks on each disk within the array.


It is considered an enhancement to RAID level 5, but adds an additional parity block on each disk in the array.

RAID 6 is also known as double-parity RAID.

Techopedia Explains RAID 6

RAID 6 primarily has the ability to continue operations even if it faces two concurrent disk failures. This is achieved through the dual parity block or drive in RAID 6 providing enhanced fault tolerance and enabling RAID operations to continue even if it encounters a failure. RAID 6 write operations are slower than RAID 5, as it has to write to an additional parity block. A RAID 6 configuration has a minimum of four drives.


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