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What Does RAID 01 Mean?

RAID 01 is a type of nested RAID level that provides data sharing and replicating capabilities from a single RAID level.


It provides mirroring capabilities on RAID 0 arrays or mirrored stripe sets with enhanced fault tolerance capabilities.

RAID 01 is also known as RAID 0+1.

Techopedia Explains RAID 01

RAID 01 is similar to RAID level 1 and utilizes half of the disk capacity to mirror the data (stored in other half). RAID 01 primarily mirrors data of the stripes. It stripes multiple disks together into sets that are mirrored together. RAID 01 provides good fault tolerance capabilities where loss of one drive does not affect its operations. However, if one drive from each disk is lost, the RAID 01 ceases to function.


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