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What Does RAID 1E Mean?

RAID 1E is a type of nested RAID level that utilizes two-way mirroring on a minimum of two disks. It is similar to RAID level 1 but extends on its capabilities by supporting more physical disks.


RAID 1E is also known as striped mirroring, enhanced mirroring and hybrid mirroring.

Techopedia Explains RAID 1E

RAID level 1E primarily combines drive mirroring and data striping capabilities within one level. The data is striped across all the drives within the array. It provides better drive redundancy and performance than RAID level 1.

RAID 1E requires a minimum of three drives to be constructed and can support up to 16 drives. RAID 1E only allows half of the capacity of the array to be used. If any of the drives fail, the read/write operations are transferred to other operational drives within the array.


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