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Mac Recovery

What Does Mac Recovery Mean?

Mac recovery refers to the collective methods and procedures that enable restoration of operations on a Macintosh system after it stops working normally due to any functional or technical reason.

It is a type of system recovery procedure developed specifically for Apple’s Macintosh computer systems and family of operating systems.


Techopedia Explains Mac Recovery

Mac recovery is a broad process that includes a number of tasks. Typically, Mac recovery may be required for various reasons such as corrupted operating system, deleted files, disk errors and hardware problems, as well as others.

The OS X version of Mac computer systems includes a native utility, OS X Recovery, that enables the repairing of disks and reinstalling disks without an installation disc. It includes multiple utilities that are designed to repair disks, reinstall the operating system and/or restore the system from a previous backup. For hardware-based problems, physical repair or replacement of a hardware component may be required.


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