Object Class

What Does Object Class Mean?

In computer programming, the object class refers to a class created to group various objects which are instances of that class. Classes are code templates for creating objects. In cases where objects need to be grouped in a certain way, an object class is the “container” for a set of objects built on these templates.


Techopedia Explains Object Class

The term “object class” is used differently in different environments. In Java, the term “object class” can be used to talk about a top-level class under which all other classes are grouped. In some cases, programmers can use object classes to describe classes for objects created in an LDAP directory. The “object class” often refers to a given class for a given set of objects, where various operations, properties and methods apply. For instance, there may be a diverse “object class” for disparate objects that all fit a certain criteria, but are not similar enough to be grouped into a more defined class.


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