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Public VPN

What Does Public VPN Mean?

Public VPN is a type of VPN connection that can be accessed publicly or openly by end users.


It differs from standard or private VPN, which is generally reserved for specific users, organizations or subscribers. It is normally accessed using a standard Internet connection.

Techopedia Explains Public VPN

Public VPN provides the same level of VPN services, including a secure and reliable network path, but on a public network or the Internet. Typically, public VPN is provided by VPN service providers, having a back-end VPN infrastructure. End users authorize themselves at the VPN gateway before they are granted access to the VPN. Upon authentication a secure tunnel is created between the end users device and the VPN gateway.

Public VPN is popularly utilized for accessing restricted websites and/or content in specific regions. Cloud or hosted VPN is a type of public VPN that is accessible by any user.


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