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What Does 3ivx Mean?

3ivx is a codec suite created by 3ivx Technologies that allows users to create MPEG-4 compliant data streams using Microsoft ASF and AVI transports in addition to Apple’s QuickTime transport. The codec is targeted toward embedded systems that need to handle video with lower processor performance compared to desktop computers.


Techopedia Explains 3ivx

The 3ivx codec suite allows clients to author MPEG-4 content for ASF, AVI and QuickTime. It is designed for low processor requirements on mobile and embedded platforms, with a particular eye toward ARM processors. A number of TV mobile apps use 3ivx to encode video. The official decoders are available for Windows, macOS and BeOS. The company of the same name, based in Australia, also supports the development of Haiku, an open-source clone of the original BeOS. 3ivx is one of the few companies to do so.

The codec only supports MPEG-4 Part 2, not H.264.


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