What Does ARccOS Mean?

Advanced Regional Copy Control Operating Solution (ARccOS) is a technology developed by Sony in 2005 to prevent unauthorized copying of Sony DVD videos. Developers have created the system to work along with Sony’s Content Scramble System, which causes errors if unauthorized users attempt to copy company-owned DVDs.


Techopedia Explains ARccOS

Digital signatures within the ARccOS can vary among Sony DVDs. Considered a reliable technology of digital rights management, ARccOS experienced technical difficulties in 2007 when Sony reported DVD-player incompatibility with 20 of their CDs.

Sony did not initially specify the types of DVDs incompatible with their movie CDs, but did state that consumer complaints were minimal. Only 200 consumer complaints were reported by Sony. At the same time, they reported 25 million DVDs contained this incompatibility, which was due to one of their ARccOS upgrades.


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