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What Does On-Device Portal Mean?

An on-device portal (ODP) is a type of mobile application that provides users with the ability to easily avail or browse the products and services of a specific company. The app is specifically designed to fully utilize the features of the device in order to bring a custom and specialized user experience compared to using the company’s official website. A good example of this is Amazon’s mobile app, which makes navigation and purchasing easier on a mobile phone as opposed to using the official website on a very small screen.


Techopedia Explains On-Device Portal

An ODP is an application or even a platform that is optimized to bring the best experience to its users on its target mobile platform. It allows the company to deliver its services directly to the users on their mobile device, serving as a portal to the company’s products and services. Most online music and radio players that serve music online on platforms like Android and iOS are considered as an ODP. If an app allows users to purchase or use services through their device, and is not a game or a special-purpose app of any kind, then that app is possibly an ODP.

ODPs are designed to enhance user experience in order to improve satisfaction and reduce turnover and then drive increased revenues.

Services offered by most ODPs include the following:

  • Store front — This is the most common class of ODP used by retail companies such as Amazon, Alibaba and Lazada.
  • Offline portal — This allows the user to browse and preview content categories but does not really allow for actual purchase. This is being used by companies like IKEA whose app even uses augmented reality to allow users to virtually see how a furniture would look in their actual living space.
  • Reporting function — Android and iOS implement this as a way to measure user interaction and interest and to keep track of possible bugs that could degrade user experience. The collected data would then be used for future updates.

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