What Does OneAPI Mean?

OneAPI is a group of application programming interfaces (APIs) based upon the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) RESTful application programming interfaces specifications. Supported by the Global System for Mobile Communication Association, it can be used and implemented by any service provider. It provides consistency for mobile operators, consumers, aggregators and application developers.


Techopedia Explains OneAPI

OneAPI is developed based on existing Web technology and methodologies and is expected to act as complementary to existing Web and client-side application programming interfaces. The development of the OneAPI specifications was done with the coordination of the GSM Association, operators, vendors, the application developer community and the Open Mobile Alliance. Current releases of OneAPI include:

  • OneAPI V1 — Gave specifications on location, SMS, MMS and services related to payment
  • OneAPI V2 — Provided information on data connection and device capability as well as third-party call application programming interfaces
  • OneAPI V2.1 — Added details of the mechanism related to payment interfaces for improved user consent mechanism
  • OneAPI V3 — Specifies the development of application programming interface and the specification for anonymous customer reference

From the perspective of publishers and developers, OneAPI helps in reducing the amount of proprietary integration to different operators. It also helps in adding network features to the development toolkit of developers and also combines network application programming interfaces with mobile Web applications as well as desktop applications. Advantages for mobile operators include prevention of fragmentation of network application programming interfaces, lowering the barriers for entry to Web providers and encouraging third parties in delivering services to consumers. OneAPI helps aggregators in offering a consistent group of functionalities, attracting new developers and also in facilitating the integration into the group of the participating operators. For consumers, OneAPI helps in providing innovative services for faster and better user experience.


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