Networked Data Center

What Does Networked Data Center Mean?

A networked data center is a complex data center system that offers networking capability. However, this term does not apply simply to any data center with network connectivity — it implies robust functionality and a system that really offers data in transit.


Techopedia Explains Networked Data Center

Typically, IT professionals do not designate a system as a "networked data center" just because the data center is available to a network. This term is often used for high-functionality networks that can handle multiple data centers or multiple points between different parts of the storage architecture.

A networked data center operates with different network topologies and constructions. It may use elements like network-attached storage, various server designs to route data, network switching and other elements to create a sophisticated design that drives business processes. Many networked data centers act as "business hubs" that hold valuable customer and product data, where specially designed "access to information" projects truly support real business each day.


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