Net-Liberated Organization

What Does Net-Liberated Organization Mean?

A net-liberated organization is a company that uses the Internet and similar resources proactively to become more free from certain constraints in the traditional business world. This somewhat broad-level term is used to describe certain types of innovation in modern business.


Techopedia Explains Net-Liberated Organization

Although concrete definitions of net-liberated organization are few, Gartner defines this designation as an “organizational philosophy enabled by the advent of the Internet and related Web technologies” and posits that a net-liberated organization “uses these technologies to liberate itself from the constraints of traditional business environments that focus on local and physical infrastructures.” For example, using e-commerce instead of a brick-and-mortar store would be an example of something that a net-liberated organization does. IT Experts also cite the process of decreasing physical inventory by using on-demand ordering process or other Internet services as a prime example of something befitting a net-liberated organization. In many ways, companies can reduce their physical inventories, make processes more efficient and compete better using a range of technologies related to the modern global Internet.


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