Next-Generation Telematics Protocol

What Does Next-Generation Telematics Protocol Mean?

The Next-Generation Telematics Protocol (NGTP) is a telematics protocol that is used in automobiles to provide connectivity and integrated services to drivers and passengers as well as to vehicles. It is not dependent upon a particular technology and helps in offering scalable and flexible services. It was initially developed by a combined effort of BMW and telematics service providers Connexis and WirelessCar, and is now widely adopted as a standard by many automotive manufacturers. NGTP has an open-source architecture and is technology neutral.


Techopedia Explains Next-Generation Telematics Protocol

NGTP is an open-source framework that allows over-the-air delivery of integrated data and services to a range of connected vehicles. It helps in the implementation of an enhanced in-vehicle telematics approach. It also presents a standard uniform interface for delivering end-to-end telematics services. The vision behind the development of NGTP is to provide a flexible and scalable infrastructure that can be adopted by all vehicle manufacturers and telematic providers.

NGTP is backward compatible and works with older vehicles also. It has a dispatcher that provides a uniform interface between a telematics control unit and a telematics service provider.

NGTP is beneficial for both customers and vehicle manufacturers. For example, it allows customers to add additional functionalities to their vehicles without having to make any technical adjustments or hardware changes. It also provides open integration options and enhanced service offerings.

NGTP helps in the efficient implementation of back-end communication technologies and in-vehicle technologies like airbag deployment and notification services. It also helps in reducing the cost of manufacturing and increases the efficiency of safety options. NGTP works with the BMW ConnectedDrive suite of services and is capable of delivering these services rapidly and flexibly. BMW Customers can also get easy access to new innovations and services provided by ConnectedDrive.

NGTP has been implemented by BMW in about 10 countries and is used in over 600,000 vehicles.


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