Marketing Content Management

What Does Marketing Content Management Mean?

Marketing content management (MCM) is a software solution that helps enterprises manage marketing content across multiple channels. This kind of software is intended to help enterprises deal with the new challenges of handling more diverse marketing channels in an increasingly digital business world.


Techopedia Explains Marketing Content Management

With a large segment of the consumer market increasingly going mobile, using devices with more diverse interfaces, businesses are responding to the need to use responsive design websites or social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter to reach their target audiences, in addition to traditional print and digital arenas. Marketing content management (MCM) solutions help track and measure all of these marketing efforts and keep them targeted and accurate.

Many of the best MCM tools are set up in a dashboard design, with vibrant feature-rich windows showing actual marketing metrics for individual parts of the campaign. Users can run reports and generally take a transparent look at how each individual marketing effort on each platform is doing.


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