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What Does Microinverter Mean?

A microinverter is a piece of electronic equipment used in photovoltaic cells for changing the waveform of current. The inverter primarily is used for the purpose of changing direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC). A microinverter is called so due to the fact that it converts the current from a single module source from DC to AC.


A microinverter is also known as a solar microinverter.

Techopedia Explains Microinverter

A microinverter is a very small electronic device used in solar cells to convert direct current to alternating current. The output AC current from all the solar modules in an array are collectively added to the main electrical circuit which is driven by AC. A photovoltaic cell system is comprised of a number of single solar panels which combine to form a photovoltaic cell. Each module or panel has its microinverter performing the duty of converting the current. A microinverter is different from a conventional inverter because of its size and number in which they are present in one photovoltaic system.


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