Mobile Cloud Synchronization

What Does Mobile Cloud Synchronization Mean?

In mobile cloud synchronization, information or data on a mobile phone are synced to a server that leads to a cloud storage destination. The data can include things like contacts and calendar data, as well as stored images, songs, movies or business files.


Techopedia Explains Mobile Cloud Synchronization

When implementing mobile cloud synchronization, experts take into consideration what kinds of devices are supported, how a Web portal was set up, how social networking is handled, how open-source technologies are integrated and how a system performs in general. There is also the issue of cost, where the return on investment in mobile cloud synchronization technologies can vary quite a bit.

Many IT professionals also look at the scope of a mobile cloud synchronization solution; in other words, what gets synchronized and what does not. Companies are always looking at the kinds of core data that users need portability for; for example, although users’ contacts and calendar data are important, they may not need the same kind of synchronization for third-party applications added to a system on an elective basis. All of these go into the planning for the "syncing" processes that drive the mobile use of the cloud.


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