Mobile Deep Packet Inspection

What Does Mobile Deep Packet Inspection Mean?

Mobile deep packet inspection (Mobile DPI) is a type of packet filtering technique that inspects, monitors and evaluates data packets in a mobile application or device. It is a mobile security and monitoring technique that enables the evaluation of packets for security issues at the application level.


Techopedia Explains Mobile Deep Packet Inspection

Mobile DPI is primarily used for traffic management and monitoring in a mobile operator’s network. It helps mobile operators identify, classify, block and reroute traffic based on specific data or code found inside the packet header or overall payload.

Some common uses of mobile DPI include:

  • Monitoring quality of service (QoS)
  • Call or traffic logging/recording
  • Malicious signature evaluation and matching (viruses, spam, spyware)
  • Blocking, routing, throttling and loading traffic (based on content, keywords, IP, location)

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