Mobile Digital Rights Management (Mobile DRM)

What Does Mobile Digital Rights Management (Mobile DRM) Mean?

Mobile digital rights management (mobile DRM) refers to the collective processes and technologies that provide secure distribution of content and media on mobile devices. It provides ways for mobile content creators to enforce policies, limitations and protection against duplication on mobile devices.


Techopedia Explains Mobile Digital Rights Management (Mobile DRM)

Mobile DRM is a data protection technique primarily implemented by mobile device manufactures and mobile content creators. It enables controlled utilization and consumption of digital content to prevent illegal duplication, resale and distribution. With mobile DRM in place, mobile users are generally restricted from copying, sharing or deleting pre-installed apps and data from a mobile device. This can include ringtones, wallpapers, games, apps and more.

Open Mobile Alliance DRM (OMA DRM) is a mobile DRM framework implemented by most mobile device manufacturers globally.


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