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Mobile Earth Station (MES)

What Does Mobile Earth Station (MES) Mean?

A mobile earth station (MES) is a ground communication station which is situated on a movable platform, often on vehicles like ships, trailers or vans. As the name suggests, mobile earth stations are made to be transportable, allowing for powerful communication systems to be available even in remote locations. Large seafaring vessels often have their own MES which allows them to easily communicate with the rest of the world.


Techopedia Explains Mobile Earth Station (MES)

Mobile earth stations are a type of terrestrial station designed to send and receive radio signals from non-terrestrial sources such as satellites, airplanes and other astronomical sources. They are designed with mobility in mind, so they have their own power supply or can use a power supply from the location in which they are deployed. When deployed, they establish a communications link with target sources.

Commercially, MES usually refers to high-quality satellite communications systems strapped on a trailer that can be pulled to any location accessible by wheeled vehicles in order to provide reliable field communications. They integrate both the power of quality communications hardware and easy transportability. Systems such as these must meet commercial land, sea and air transport specifications and restrictions, which means they can be transported using conventional means without the need for special permissions or permits.


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