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Lifetime Clinical Record (LCR)

What Does Lifetime Clinical Record (LCR) Mean?

A lifetime clinical record (LCR) is a component of a digital electronic health record (EHR) system that is used to support modern medical care and evaluation. It represents a clinical database or a centralized data warehouse for patient records.


Techopedia Explains Lifetime Clinical Record (LCR)

An LCR is used in dedicated hospital information systems such as Siemens INVISION. In general, the purpose of an LCR is to allow doctors and other health-care professionals to look at a patient's long-term medical history, including all of the results of the different kinds of procedures, tests, diagnoses, etc., that the patient had undergone during his/her lifetime. Obtaining these results requires familiarity with the interface of a particular EHR system in order to access the LCR and other related resources.


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