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Kurtz-Above Band

What Does Kurtz-Above Band Mean?

The Kurtz-above band (Ka band) is part of the Kurtz (K) band in the microwave band of the electromagnetic spectrum. The name Kurtz-above is given to this band is because it lies just above the K band in the spectrum. Frequencies and wavelengths that are part of this specific band range from 26.5 to 40 GHz, which means a wavelength between 1 and .75 centimeters.


Techopedia Explains Kurtz-Above Band

The Ka band is widely used in satellites, radars, vehicle detection by law enforcement, military purposes and airplanes. This radio band is directly above the K band, and its usefulness is thus also found in satellite communication. These waves travel long distances without being affected by ionization from the atmosphere and can offer great resolution with precise targets. The name Kurtz-above is originated from the German root word “kurz” meaning short.

The Ku band is directly below the K band, and hence the name Kurtz-under. The Ka band is more vulnerable to weather than its counterpart Ku band.


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