Kurtz-Under Band (Ku-Band)

What Does Kurtz-Under Band (Ku-Band) Mean?

The Kurtz-under band (Ku band) is a frequency range or segment of the radio spectrum from 11 to 17 GHz. This range is often used for satellite communications, including VSATs, and some types of satellite antennas.


Techopedia Explains Kurtz-Under Band (Ku-Band)

The Ku band is directly under the K band, which is used for other types of radar and satellite communications that generally run above the former; for example, the NATO K band used by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) runs above 20 GHz, whereas the IEEE K band runs from around 18 GHz.

The Kurtz-under band is administered in segments, according to the ITU. It generally provides for the range of voice and data services offered to consumers over common satellite systems and, as a result, is a major factor in spectrum-use issues arising from the emergence of new satellite services users. Law enforcement may also use parts of this range for radar detection.

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