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CPU Ready Queue

What Does CPU Ready Queue Mean?

A CPU ready queue is a queue that handles jobs or tasks for eventual scheduling with a processor. The term is often used in virtualization setups, where IT professionals try to determine whether resources have been allocated well and whether different components of the system can work efficiently.


Techopedia Explains CPU Ready Queue

The key in hardware virtualization is that engineers or administrators assign CPU processing resources to each virtual machine (VM). This inherently involves sharing the processing power, which takes the form of various tasks on various machines waiting for a scheduler to assign them CPU time.

What the CPU ready queue does is to order these transactions in a way that is transparent. Administrators use metrics like “CPU ready” (%RDY) or markers like “%ready/%RDY” to understand how long it is taking VMs to access a processor through the provisioning of a virtual CPU (vCPU). There are certain thresholds for this that help observers evaluate whether to change the system. Percent ready (%ready) values higher than 5% often indicate problems with CPU limits, CPU affinity, oversized VMs, VM clustering or improper allocation of the vCPU. IT professionals who get a view of these problems try to fix them by recalibrating the system.


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