Cinema Craft Encoder

What Does Cinema Craft Encoder Mean?

Cinema Craft Encoder (CCE) is a line of video encoding products
developed by Visible Light. These encoders are designed for post-production
work converting films into various video formats, such as MPEG-2 or H.265 for
release on DVD or Blu-Ray. They also allow for tweaking of lighting and effects
for individual scenes. The encoders are available for both Windows and Linux.


Techopedia Explains Cinema Craft Encoder

Cinema Craft Encoder is a series of digital video encoders
intended for post-production marketed by Visible Light. They convert video into
a number of formats for release on DVD, Blu-ray and other digital video
formats. One of the selling points is that users can encode and tweak the
settings for individual segments of a movie. This is useful because the compression algorithms can occasionallymake video look poor depending on color and motion. Manual adjustments make video look smoother when released to video formats. Visible Light also claims that it takes advantage of multicore processors to offer encoding that is faster than real time.

The encoders are available for all the major formats such as DVD, Blu-ray and even 3-D Blu-ray. The encoders take in a number of video formats, including RAW, AVI, YUV, MOV, ProRes HQ/422/444, XDCAM, HVD, DNxHD, DPX,MXF, Canopus Lossless and Grass Valley HQX, among others. Cinema Craft has been used to encode a number of Hollywood movies for release on DVD and Blu-ray due to its speed and video quality.


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