ITIL Compliance

What Does ITIL Compliance Mean?

ITIL compliance refers to the level of conformance to the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), a system of standards developed by the British Office of Government Commerce (BGC).


Techopedia Explains ITIL Compliance

Typically, ITIL compliance is determined by the degree of adoption by an organization of the best practices implemented by ITIL, either in government or in the private sector.

ITIL compliance guidelines include categories such as change management, security architecture and help desk systems. Companies can then find ways to accomplish ITIL compliance by using the appropriate systems and strategies. Vendors for corporations advertise themselves as being ITIL compliant or having the right certifications to provide systems that conform to the ITIL standards.

Consultants or other advisers may also offer tools such as "ITIL checklists" to determine ITIL compliance. These may track incidents, provide specific management tools or use protocols like a request for change or database configuration template. All of these help create a stronger standard for corporate technology.


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