Information Capabilities Framework

What Does Information Capabilities Framework Mean?

An information capabilities framework (ICF) is a modern information infrastructure that helps in organization and support of various data formats. The framework uses a set of technologies and interfaces that can be shared across various platforms. The information structure is designed to support various use cases of information such as online business applications, critical applications and similar forms of information dealing with applications and functions.


Techopedia Explains Information Capabilities Framework

An information capabilities framework is a model that represents the technological capabilities to bring forth sound information setup in an enterprise. The infrastructure can not only account for current changes but also can cater to future needs and changes in technology services and information standards. A number of organizations devise strategies to achieve long-term information management goals, and the strategy usually consists of a correlation, independent of application and the information source set of technologies that are free from the source and can fit into any environment. Information handling and storage is among the biggest challenges to enterprise information management (EIM).


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