Hundred Call Seconds

What Does Hundred Call Seconds Mean?

Hundred call seconds or centrum call seconds is a standard measurement in the telecommunications industry for the time used to communicate over digital voice systems, as well as the data workload. A hundred call seconds is equivalent to 100 call seconds, where a call second is equavalent to the duration of one call for 1 second.


Techopedia Explains Hundred Call Seconds

It is interesting to note that while chronological minutes consist of 60 seconds, a hundred call seconds is still a fairly standard way to refer to data time increments in the telecommunications industry. Other measurements included “call hour,” which consists of 3,600 call seconds.

One reason that telecom professionals use terms like hundred call seconds is to evaluate complex call handling where call seconds may not be contiguous or where multiplexing or other processes enable wireless systems to carry multiple calls simultaneously. Units like B hundred call seconds can be split into any types of shared data scenarios and allow analysts and other industry experts to measure call handling consistently.


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