New Enterprise Operating Model

What Does New Enterprise Operating Model Mean?

The new enterprise operating model (NeoM) is a term in business IT that represents the fundamental adaptation of companies to new IT realities. Aspects of NeoM involve reimagining the business platform, breaking down silos and diversifying services for business process automation and more.


Techopedia Explains New Enterprise Operating Model

When experts talk about NeoM, they often talk about changing our ideas about a business platform. There is the idea that traditional API-based structures are not the end solution and that other kinds of technologies can be added to provide a much more productive result.

In addition to changing the ways that businesses build platforms, creating a NeoM can involve much more. Using software like customer relationship management (CRM) systems can be part of a NeoM, as can the use of more targeted analytics operations and different kinds of enterprise resource planning tools, which put business operations more in line with today’s cutting-edge technologies.

Some experts talk about NeoM in terms of eliminating information silos or bottlenecks — the core ideas here involve getting components of an IT architecture to "talk to each other" and opening up individual processes to a greater observable whole, in order to fine-tune how a business works. Discussions around NeoM have become an important part of a company’s plan when looking at the future of its industry and how to integrate technologies in the best and most efficient ways.


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