Right Brace

What Does Right Brace Mean?

A right brace (}) is an ASCII character with a value of 125 that has several different uses different fields. It is rarely seen in standard text, and is mostly utilized in science and mathematics, as well as many programming languages.


A right brace is also known as a right curly bracket.

Techopedia Explains Right Brace

In computer programming, particularly languages such as C, Java and PHP, braces are generally used for grouping. Several lines of code may use a set of brackets to designate a coherent block, as in a function. Some programming environments offer tools to “match” braces to make sure that a left brace is accompanied by a right one, as in Microsoft Visual Studio.

In mathematics, braces are used to delineate sets and are also used for clarity in equations that would otherwise have multiple sets of parentheses.

In modern texting and chat, the brace is commonly used to indicate a hug.


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