Federated Application Life Cycle Management

What Does Federated Application Life Cycle Management Mean?

Federated application life cycle management (FALM) is a type of federated architecture approach that deals with multiple stages or phases of an application life cycle, from early development to final release. IT professionals may use FALM strategies to promote a multimodal, streamlined or agile process for working across segments of application life cycles.


FLAM is also known as federated ALM.

Techopedia Explains Federated Application Life Cycle Management

In general, federated architecture relies on the ability to integrate decentralized or autonomous processes and systems into what is, in some ways, a unified whole. Many federated architecture strategies support information sharing and a controlled exchange of information within a greater IT system. Many federated architecture efforts attempt to arrive at what is called a "federated architecture foundation," where components still operate autonomously but have a certain degree of integration. Federated architecture strategies can also help break down information silos, where isolated information becomes useless.

Taking that into consideration, FALM brings this strategy to the application life cycle. Like other kinds of workflow streamlining, FALM can include elements like metadata integration, as well as designs for workflow management. Developers and other teams can use FALM to promote an integrated collaborative effort to drive larger segments of the application life cycle with less "gear shifting" or labor-intensive work between individual processes.


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