Footfall Analysis

What Does Footfall Analysis Mean?

Footfall analysis is a metric used in the evaluation of physical systems to measure how long it takes to move from one point to another. It is often used in the context of customer wait times or the management of lines or queues in retail or other commercial situations. However, footfall analysis could also be, in a sense, used as an IT metric used to evaluate digital traffic.


Techopedia Explains Footfall Analysis

Another use of footfall analysis in IT involves algorithms designed to figure out wait time in physical systems. Gartner defines footfall analysis as the use of analytic techniques to monitor waiting times in bank branch teller lines, and talks about algorithms designed for this purpose.

Theoretically, IT professionals could also use the term to talk about measurement times for network activity. For example, in a specific network queue where processes wait to be assigned resources, the term “footfall analysis” could be used to describe the analysis of task handling. However, the predominant definition seems to be related to the digital or high-tech analysis of the physical movement of people or cars through physical systems.


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