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Enterprise Nervous System

What Does Enterprise Nervous System Mean?

Enterprise nervous system (ENS) refers to the connection of network elements and components to create an intelligent whole, a comprehensive system serving enterprise goals. The idea is that parts of an IT architecture can be connected in much the same way that the human central nervous system is connected — to serve common goals through smart collaborative processes.


Techopedia Explains Enterprise Nervous System

Parts of an ENS may include central data centers served by messaging middleware. The central data repository would be analogous to a certain part of the human brain, such as a memory center, that is accessed by middleware technologies in much the same way that human memory centers are accessed by collections of neurons.

Creating an ENS model requires certain tools and resources that are used to connect the network components. One example is the use of an application programming interface (API), a tool that helps different types of software to communicate well.

In general, IT professionals will label and manipulate parts of an IT system with the knowledge of how all of the connected parts work together. An ENS is, in some ways, a reflection on the emergence of new data-handling models and technologies that promote much more sophisticated and modern IT systems with the ability to handle more data, deliver more computing power and support decision making in new and useful ways.


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