Data Quality as a Service

What Does Data Quality as a Service Mean?

Data quality as a service (DQaaS or DQSaaS) is a subset of software as a service (SaaS) that focuses on data quality operations. In general, SaaS is provided over the Web in a cloud-based or hosted model. DQaaS is composed of data quality applications that run on cloud platforms. Clients typically order them on demand from cloud vendors and often use them on a subscription basis.


Techopedia Explains Data Quality as a Service

Some types of DQaaS include applications and processes that match, profile, standardize and validate data. DQaaS offerings may include specific tools and resources for relatively structured and unstructured data. For example, DQaaS tools for already formatted database fields are different from DQaaS tools for data that needs to be mined from text documents, acquired from different parts of the business infrastructure or gleaned from the Internet. All of these types of services support goals around data quality and the efficient and accurate use of data or business intelligence.


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