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What Does Digital Marketing Hub Mean?

A digital marketing hub is a marketing software solution that analyzes the customer’s transaction and multichannel behavior, in order to help marketers come up with customized and effective marketing campaigns that lead to conversions and increased business. The digital marketing hub merges marketing and big data to deliver personalized offers and content through the most effective customer touchpoints.


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Marketers are challenged on how to deal with the ever-increasing volumes and velocity of multichannel data from desktop mobile devices. This is further complicated by the fragmented and complex customer buying journeys as they traverse across various touchpoints.

The digital marketing hub allows marketers to fully understand customers by analyzing the multichannel data in order to get deep insights into customers’ behaviors as they transact or negotiate through a website. This enables organizations to make insight-driven decisions and take actions based on the customers’ and channel attributes that lead to conversions.

A typical digital marketing hub includes the following features:

  • It has the ability to give a holistic view of a customer by combining transactional data such as Web analytics, email metrics, CRM and purchase history with other human-friendly data such as emails, call logs, social posts and comments.
  • It can easily provide a real-time customer insight by identifying the customer attributes and segments.
  • It provides a real-time analysis of structured and nonstructured data from all sources.
  • It helps create personalized experiences by identifying content and offering positioning that resonates well with a specific segment.
  • It presents a unified customer profile that combines first- and third-party data.

The real-time analysis tracks the customer’s journey through multiple touchpoints and helps organizations determine the channel attributes that lead to conversions to a new customer or a quality lead; this guides where to put the marketing budget.

The digital marketing hub helps marketers determine the best customers, the customer attributes that drive conversions, the content that influences customer behaviors and the combination of various touchpoints that lead to conversions. These factors help in deciding on the critical areas to improve and where to spend the marketing budget that gives better return on investment.


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