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Direct Chip Cooling

What Does Direct Chip Cooling Mean?

Direct chip cooling is a modern method of cooling off a microprocessor chip by applying cooling solutions directly to the chip. This can cool off a microprocessor faster than some other traditional technologies.


Direct chip cooling is also known as direct-to-chip cooling.

Techopedia Explains Direct Chip Cooling

Products involving direct chip cooling are being developed — and patented — to address the needs for agile and powerful cooling technologies for active microprocessor chips. One method of direct chip cooling uses liquids, which are either applied to the back surface of the chip or sprayed onto a plate adjacent to the chip. In general, using liquid has been found to be a very effective cooling method as opposed to using cooled air. However, these methods are generally more expensive than air cooling, and must be carefully implemented so that the chip is not damaged by contact with the liquid.


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