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Directed Speech Recognition

What Does Directed Speech Recognition Mean?

Directed speech recognition is a type of speech recognition system that uses scripting to reduce choices for input. This helps provide better "economy" and more precise modeling for speech recognition software products.


Techopedia Explains Directed Speech Recognition

Some of the most popular kinds of speech recognition software are open-ended — they interpret the full range of speech through audio. There are, however, inherent challenges built into an open-ended speech recognition system. For example, the system has to be able to handle all of the different sounds, which generally requires a large algorithmic lexicon and other resources.

With directed speech recognition, the system only has to interpret from a few different choices. One of the best and most common examples of this is in the interactive voice response (IVR) tools that callers encounter in a call center environment. These tools do not anticipate a full range of speech; they look for simple options like "yes" or "no," or phrases like "talk to a representative" or "find balance."

As a result, directed speech recognition often works better and creates more accurate results for more affordable software packages for these kinds of software products.


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