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What Does DoCoMo Java Mean?

DoCoMo Java (DoJa) is a mobile application development platform that is designed to work with i-mode mobile phones and is used mostly for the development of i-mode games. DoCoMo Java was introduced by Japanese mobile company NTT DoCoMo. The DoJa profile was specifically designed to let developers program for DoCoMo’s i-mode mobile phones, a service popular in Japan. DoJa is not compatible with the other Java ME profiles like MIDP and has its own API, requirements and handling mechanisms.


DoCoMo Java is also known as i-mode Java.

Techopedia Explains DoCoMo Java

NTT DoCoMo introduced its own Java platform called DoCoMo Java for developing Java applications for its range of i-mode mobile phones. It works on top of the Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) profile. DoJa is one of the most successful Java platforms available for mobile app development and has been in use since 2002. The DoJa profile provides the user with Java libraries for i-mode profiles, user interfaces and HTTP communications. DoJa allows developers to get access to the more dynamic and interactive content provided by i-mode rather than the conventional HTML-based i-mode content.

The programs written using DoJa are called i-applis. The DoJA profile places restrictions on the size of the applications and requires that all applications be downloaded to mobile phones from a website to avoid over-the-air issues. It also does not allow applications to share data among i-applis. All DoJa applications must support the GIF image format and the phones should allow HTTP/HTTPS connections to the host server from where the i-appli was downloaded.

DoJa is available only to DoCoMo and some of its overseas partners. The strict specifications and compliance tests provided by DoJa reduces device fragmentation.

DoJa was released in several versions with DoJa 5.0 being the last stable version, which was then succeeded by the Star project. Star is an improvement over the DoJa profile and provides access to modern hardware and services like accelerometer and defines specifications from scratch to let developers program effectively.


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