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What Does Channel Integration Mean?

Channel integration is essentially the idea of combining efforts across different customer channels such as:

  • Radio
  • TV
  • Printed media
  • Internet
  • Direct mailing
  • Call center operations

Industry experts define channel integration as either the physical or the logical "integration" of channels, or, in other words, the practice of creating consistent messaging and utility across all of these channels.

Techopedia Explains Channel Integration

Those involved in channel integration have a broad-based task. For example, ensuring that customers see the same prices on television that they do in company blog posts is an example of channel integration. Providing consistent messaging on the radio and in direct mailers is another example.

Integration means making these channels work well together, making them complement each other and making sure that customers have the same experience, regardless of the channel that they use. These kinds of efforts can also include market research for certain kinds of deal work and how to promote them consistently across all channels. There are also channel integration services for businesses that look at price, promotions, inventory and other factors in managing channel integration and in making channels work well with each other.

In channel integration, there is the idea that customers should be able to choose. Good channel integration does not steer or funnel traffic toward a single channel, but makes cross-channel use a seamless experience.


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