Citizen Developer

What Does Citizen Developer Mean?

A citizen developer is a tech-savvy end user who has the ability to create a new software feature or application program from an approved corporate or cloud-based code base, system or structure.


Citizen developers typically use visual integrated development environments (IDEs) to drag-and-drop application components and connect them together. In business, this low-code/no-code (LCNC) approach to software development allows authorized employees to design and build business applications that meet niche business needs.

Techopedia Explains Citizen Developer

Typically, citizen developers hold jobs outside their organization's ICT department. This type of amateur developer often uses cloud-based development tools made available over the internet.

If not monitored, citizen developers can contribute to an issue known as shadow IT. When too much software is developed without the knowledge and approval of the company's IT department, it can affect the integrity of the organization's entire IT system. In general, proponents of this type of unsanctioned development have to weigh the risks against the benefits.


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