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Cloud Application Development Services

What Does Cloud Application Development Services Mean?

Cloud application development services aim to provide assistance with developing, migrating or otherwise working on applications in order to ensure that they run capably on cloud platforms.


Techopedia Explains Cloud Application Development Services

With so many business processes moving to the cloud, more and different types of applications are needed. Vendors offer cloud application development services to assist companies and organizations in developing robust cloud technologies, either by developing brand-new applications or by moving them from legacy systems. As a result, cloud application development services can include services related to consulting, development, migration, integration or testing. Cloud application development service vendors may help determine a choice of cloud platform, for example, private, public or hybrid, or help a client figure out how to move functionality from outdated legacy systems to the cloud.

Cloud application development services are often presented along with certain benefits, such as reducing risk for IT implementation or decreasing time-to-market for applications. Businesses continue to use a variety of cloud application development services in order to "get online" with cloud applications that support their core operations.


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