Cloud Encryption Gateway

What Does Cloud Encryption Gateway Mean?

A cloud encryption gateway is a technology that provides point-of-process encryption for data traveling to and from a cloud environment.


It is a tool that sits between a cloud system and an in-house system, and performs encryption or tokenization of data in transit. The resulting "shielded" data can then be used safely by software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications.

Techopedia Explains Cloud Encryption Gateway

A cloud encryption gateway is helpful for third-party vendor systems and other CRM solutions, as it can offer malware protection and other advantages, including helping with compliance with major industry standards such as HIPAA.

In addition to encryption gateways, other strategies for data encryption include full disk encryption, where the entire operating system platform is scoured for information to be encrypted; database encryption, which can be similar to a cloud encryption gateway; and even encryption solutions, which can be run from a hypervisor in a virtual environment.


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