Consumer Telepresence

What Does Consumer Telepresence Mean?

Consumer telepresence refers to a range of technologies that help users to feel more present or embedded in virtual environments when communicating digitally with others.


Techopedia Explains Consumer Telepresence

In the IT world, consumer telepresence has come to describe systems that improve on the basic videoconferencing tools of yesterday. For example, some video telepresence tools are enhancing resolution for video conferencing platforms, adding new features to make the videoconferencing seem more realistic or changing the hardware and software that conferencing users rely on to upgrade a video or teleconferencing experience.

One example of a new consumer telepresence technology is the videoconferencing robot. These robots allow one user to control the viewscreen of another user so that they can more actively follow their motion onscreen. Other kinds of consumer telepresence tools involve better and more reliable broadcasting of remote images. Part of today’s consumer telepresence world is the race between big tech companies to offer better services and platforms.


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