Convergent Charging

What Does Convergent Charging Mean?

Convergent charging, in the context of billing, is a revenue management solution used by telecommunications companies to consolidate all service charges into a single customer invoice. It allows service providers to charge and bill users collectively for a number of devices, users or services.


Techopedia Explains Convergent Charging

At its core, convergent charging and billing involve billing and account handling for different service types such as voice and data; different channels like cable TV, Internet and telephony; or different users such as individuals involved in a friends-and-family plan.

Convergent charging solutions may also perform other tasks, like authenticating subscribers and delivering account balances. These solutions can be extremely effective when paired with automatic virtual-assistant services or service provider customer centers. For example, an interactive voice response tool in a call center can access convergent charging and billing records to tell a caller exactly how much he/she owes, either individually or as part of a group plan, for a range of devices and service subscriptions.


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