What Does Hadapt Mean?

Hadapt is a company with a proprietary big data platform that integrates SQL and Apache Hadoop. This platform eliminates the need for interconnection between the traditional SQL relational database design and the Apache Hadoop data analytics technology.


The company was acquired by Teradata Corporation (Dayton, OH) in July 2014.

Techopedia Explains Hadapt

With the assistance of venture capital partners, several computer scientists from Yale University were able to create a company that was considered as one of the most promising big data startups in 2010. Hadapt is headquartered in Cambridge, MA, and continues to develop related technologies to enable the enhancement of big data platforms and applications. Big data is defined as the handling of data sets that are too large to be routinely handled by standard and traditional technologies such as a single relational database design. Big data is driving a lot of changes in business intelligence and other parts of the IT world.


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