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Activity Stream

What Does Activity Stream Mean?

An activity stream is a specific type of digital interface component that shows a list of recent activities. With the development of social media, the activity stream has become a common way to present this type of aggregated information to users.


Techopedia Explains Activity Stream

The best example of an activity stream is a Facebook feed. In fact, the social media giant was instrumental in making the activity stream a universal component of the Web. In a Facebook feed or other activity stream, the user gets a compiled list, usually on a single scrolling page, of different activities performed by other users or generated by other parties.

Now, the activity stream is common on all kinds of social media. Tools like the Stream API allow developers to easily build activity streams into their projects and platforms. These resources make it easy to update the user according to what other people are doing on various platforms, or what is happening elsewhere on the Web.


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