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Alternative Delivery Models

What Does Alternative Delivery Models Mean?

In IT, alternative delivery models refers to replacing the traditional delivery models for software products and services with new kinds of strategies and processes that are intended to enhance the way technology is used. This rather broad term is often carefully applied to new service models that have been made possible by advances in technology, such as those that support Web-delivered services.


Techopedia Explains Alternative Delivery Models

Some of the alternative delivery models that experts most commonly talk about involve cloud services and software as a service (SaaS) models. Here, instead of selling software in a box, on a physical CD or other storage media, the software is delivered over the Internet or over some other network connection. With these new types of alternative delivery models, users can choose to purchase services with subscription fees, or buy an entire package, while still getting its implementation over the Internet. Thus, alternative delivery models has actually become a very important term to talk about a rapid shift in the business world, and in the ways that people buy and use software applications.


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