Architected Rapid Application Development

What Does Architected Rapid Application Development Mean?

Architected rapid application development (ARAD) refers to software that uses frameworks and patterns as main elements to aid in the development of common functions of an application. ARAD is an advanced form of object-oriented analysis and design tools. It involves the use of design patterns and analysis of already created models. Organizations are widely using ARAD along with agile methodologies and practices.


Techopedia Explains Architected Rapid Application Development

Architected rapid application development is a framework of procedures and practices that are designed for quick and efficient application (Windows/Web) development. It is a set of tools that help the developers writing the same codes again and again for general functionalities in an application. This helps organizations build applications based on already defined templates which can be used and reused by coders to save time and energy in writing the same piece of code for functions again and again for various functionalities within the app. This tool also helps in updating and upgrading the applications fairly quickly and easily.


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